Under The Safety Health & Welfare Act 2005 and The Safety Health and Welfare at (General Applications) Regulations 2007, employers have a duty of responsibility to protect their staff at all times. Robbery of cash and stock or indeed dealing with difficult customers can expose staff to a risk of violence. The Health and Safety Authority recommends the following procedures are put in place to safeguard employees;

1. If you business does deliveries and they collect cash, limit the cash they carry and make this information public.
2. When lodging cash to the bank, mix it up. Don’t do it at the same time, on the same day every week. Don’t be predictable.
3. Ensure there is both male and females on site at all times, especially at night time. Avoid lone working where possible.
4. Train staff to recognise warning signs and handle themselves and the situation.
5. Use alarms and CCTV.
6. Avoid ties, scarves, large earings etc. Wear appropriate dress code.
7. Report all incidents.
8. Do not resist an attacker – comply with their instructions.
9. Best practice is that any employee who has to carry out ”security type activities” should be trained and licensed in accordance with the Private Security Authority.

There are many situations where employees might encounter a situation that changes and gets dangerous quickly. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry.