Maintenance Checklist- Do You Have One?

What is a maintenance checklist and do you have one?

IS it captured digitally using a software tool or is it paperbased, manual and filed in a drawer.

A maintenance checklist is a list of maintenance tasks that has been prepared by the manufacturer of an asset, or a certain expert or consultant on some aspect of your building and its systems or indeed a list of routine maintenance checks or security checks etc that have been agreed and drawn up by the facility management team.

This list can be organised in a number of ways. You may decide to break it down firstly to maintenance of life safety systems and secondly, other general maintenance checks. It’s worth bearing in mind that maintenance checks of life safety systems should be compliant with the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act (Gen Applications) 2007.
The list can be further divided into the following;
1. Time – Annual checks, monthly checks, weekly checks etc.
2. Systems – Electrical Systems, mechanical Systems
3. Contractor – Electrical, Fire
4. Assets – AHU, Fire Fighting Equipment

This checklist is a very effective way of ensuring all maintenance and compliance issues are dealth with in a timely manner and should an issue arise, at the very least you have a checklist and should have proof that the maintenance was carried out.

If you are currently overseeing a maintenance checklist and it is paperbased and manual and if you are considering moving to a digital software solution, please consider TICCbox. This platform has been designed as a cost effective and flexible solution that helps deliver compliance and oversight which is highly configurable and easy to use. You can get more information by visiting