Why Electricians and Plumbers Like Their Jobs

Hint: It’s not because they like spending hours doing paperwork

If you are an electrician or a plumber, the chances are that one of the reasons you chose your profession is that you like doing things. You don’t want to work on a computer in an office all day. You are a hands-on professional who enjoys using your skills to help install and maintain the systems people need to run their homes and businesses.

In this article we discuss the job satisfaction to be gained from working in a trade such as plumbing or electrical work and the complications that can take some of that job satisfaction away. We also offer some advice on how you can get back to doing what you love best.

The Benefits of Your Trade

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship as an electrician or a plumber, you have an invaluable set of skills that are in steady demand. Despite peaks and troughs in the economy, electricians and plumbers regularly find decent work because plumbing and electrical systems will always need to be installed and maintained. Even during the pandemic, electricity and plumbing are considered essential services that must be maintained. This gives you a sense of certainty that few other professions can offer.

You can also use your skills in other countries. Plumbing and electrical trades are in demand globally, so you can enjoy the excitement of travel while earning a living.

The potential for an independent lifestyle is another draw for both prospective electricians and plumbers. If you want to start your own business and be your own boss, becoming an electrician or a plumber is something that can give you the freedom and control that you are looking for.

However, one of the main draws of becoming an electrician or a plumber is the hands-on nature of the work. Rather than being stuck in an office all day, staring at a monitor and wishing for home time, you can get stuck into providing a genuinely useful service that really makes a difference in people’s lives. Plumbers and electricians are among the army of tradespeople that make homes and businesses work. Without them, life would be intolerable.

Things that Get in the Way

So, what’s the problem? You’ve trained hard and learned on the job, and now you should be able to look forward to a well-paid career where your skills are in demand and you provide a truly life-enhancing service for your customers. Maybe you’re just too good at your job.

As electricians and plumbers progress and become more experienced, they often get promoted to the role of supervisor or facility manager and find themselves spending their evenings and weekends doing paperwork. Lots of it.

From filling out forms to completing certifications and reports, professionals who once enjoyed spending all their time using the skills they worked hard to develop can discover they are spending more time working to meet growing regulatory and compliance demands. With still only 24 hours in every day, they face growing pressure to work longer hours so that they can get the job done and do the paperwork required to remain compliant.

How You Can Get Back to Doing What You Do Best

But is there a way around this? Short of working seven days a week to ensure their work gets done and the forms and certificates are in place to prove compliance, what can electricians and plumbers do?

The simple answer is digitisation. And before you fling your hands in the air and say “I know how to fix a pipe, but I don’t know anything about computers!”— relax. You don’t have to.

With an integrated compliance solution for building services, you can test, inspect, certify, and comply as you go, all in the same location. You don’t have to gather pieces of paper on the job, rushing back to sites to collect overlooked documents to fill the gaps in your paperwork when you’re trying to catch up later on. With time- and date-stamped certification, you comply as you go.

You save time and money — and best of all, you get to spend time doing the work you like best (not paperwork!) Like to find out more? Contact us today, and we will show you just how easy it is to get started with an integrated compliance solution straightaway.