RECENTLY, I have had first hand experience of the difficulties you could find yourself in if you hadn’t crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. The word Proof has been a word that has been rolling of my tongue several times in the past few months. The original issue itself was innocuous enough, but a slippage in paperwork led to the opening of a much bigger can of worms.

In our day to day jobs we have all responsibilities which we don’t like to do, or feel we don’t have the time to do them, things that we know are important, but not urgent, thereby focusing on the urgent stuff and not the important stuff. We tell ourselves that we will set aside some time on Friday evening to get it done, work on it over the weekend, block out a few days at the end of month, close the door, turn off the phone and tackle it head on. But we all know how that fairy tale ends.

Surely, we don’t want to be the one who dropped the ball, landed the organisation in a situation where something small led to an audit, inspection or fines. Indeed, sometimes these ‘small things’ are not even on our radar or maybe it’s that gnawing feeling that’s hanging over us.

Well, what kind of stuff am I talking about? It’s not are there enough cornflakes on the shelves, are the bedrooms clean, have we a full compliment of staff on the roster, did you order the new stock, did you put out the bins or did you lock the doors. It’s the other stuff, the stuff, you can’t see. Did we check all the fire extinguishers this month, have we tested our emergency lighting, are all the staff training certificates in date, how many times has this refrigerator been serviced this month, this year, are we meeting all our obligations under our insurance policy etc. And maybe you are doing all these things, but can you prove it without doubt? Can you confidently say, bring it on, all good here. Are you on top of it, hard I know, but are you?

You might say, ok, I’m fairly confident, bit of tidying up, but I’m in relatively good shape, might get a slap on the wrists, but I’ll live. Or do you heave at the thought of it and wonder where do you start ?

No doubt if you are behind on all these compliance and regulatory matters, it might seem daunting. There is work involved in getting in up and running, but it will be worth it. The trick is to put a system in place to ensure that these jobs get done, even when you’re not thinking about them. It’s all going on in the background. If you are struggling with the day to day operational stuff that you can’t see, we can help. You won’t know yourself. TICCbox is like an operational personal assistant, getting the not urgent, but important stuff done, giving you peace of mind and giving you the proof!!

If you would like to take the step to get your business compliant and would like further information please contact Bridget at bridget@ticcbox.com