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Christmas Shopping – You’d Better Make a Move!!

Christmas shopping used to be so simple. They’d pour over the toy catalogues for weeks and eventually write their Santa Letters. You’d blitz it in an evening, put everything away and relax, most important thing done. Now all in their late teens, early twenties, it’s a different story. I must […]


RECENTLY, I have had first hand experience of the difficulties you could find yourself in if you hadn’t crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. The word Proof has been a word that has been rolling of my tongue several times in the past few months. The original issue itself […]

Top 3 Challenges for Businesses for 2022

It has been a tumultuous 18 months. Did anyone predict a virus outbreak that would cripple a country, definitely, did anyone predict a virus that would cripple the world, probably. But the scale of turmoil and devastation is hard to comprehend. One thing is for sure, our world has changed […]

Fiduciary Duties of Directors

Here’s What You Need to Know When we talk about compliance in our businesses we might automatically think about things like financial compliance, regulatory compliance in relation to health and safety, GDPR compliance, employee/ employer compliance and more recently pending compliance around carbon reporting and supply chains. But as directors […]

Risks & Compliance – Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report of August 9th, 2021 is a ‘reality check’. Climate change is widespread, rapid and changing. The unprecedented fires in Greece, Turkey, Italy and in many places in America bear this out. Recent catastrophic downpours and flooding in Germany and parts of the […]

Insurance Renewal – What can help to lower your premium

From April 26th, 2021, new judicial guidelines on personal injury awards, recently approved by the Judicial Council, take effect. This promises to reduce premiums for businesses. According to a recent report in the Irish Times (Dec. 2020) public liability insurance premiums have jumped by an average of between 15 and […]

Asset Management – Here’s What You Need to Know

Assets are valuable to your business, fully functioning, tested and managed they keep your business open. Many retailers can have up to 70 or 80 mission critical pieces of equipment in their store, everything from ovens and bakery equipment to refrigerators, coffee machines and tills. You can ensure assets are […]

building compliance

The Future of Building Compliance

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for building owners that nobody could have envisaged. New safety rules and regulations cast the old building guidelines, laws, codes, and standards into doubt as we consider how to approach public safety. But the pandemic is not the only thing that is likely to […]