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The Future of Building Compliance

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for building owners that nobody could have envisaged. New safety rules and regulations cast the old building guidelines, laws, codes, and standards into doubt as we consider how to approach public safety. But the pandemic is not the only thing that is likely to […]


The High Cost of Noncompliance

In a December 2020 sitting of the inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire, Kingspan former head of technical Tony Millichap revealed that he was unaware that the insulation product installed on the building did not comply with safety regulations for tall buildings. The inquiry into the London fire has already […]


Why Electricians and Plumbers Like Their Jobs

Hint: It’s not because they like spending hours doing paperwork If you are an electrician or a plumber, the chances are that one of the reasons you chose your profession is that you like doing things. You don’t want to work on a computer in an office all day. You […]


Compliance: Do the Job Once — Do it Right

There are few things more frustrating than sitting down to submit the paperwork for your safety certification, only to discover that you are short a vital piece of information. You thought you had everything you needed to get the job done, but some important detail is missing, and you have […]

Working With Electricity Safely

Health & Safety is paramount in every job, but especially so when working with electricity. When working with energised equipment or systems, always shut down energised equipment and systems. This is the safest thing to do. This will involve LOTO, Lock Out Tag Out. Click on the link for LOTO […]


  A lot of people ask me what is actually meant by Compliance?, what areas does it cover, is one area more important than another, is there an area that I should really ensure that I’m compliant in etc.? The answer is not very complex. Compliance for an organisation means […]